Meet Our Staff

Meet some of the staff who work hard day and night to provide a high quality service.

Iris Griffiths, Director & Chair.

"Welcome, my name is Iris, I am a Director and my job is to ensure that you get suitable accomodation and are placed in the correct part of the service."

Carol Forrest, Director.

"Hello, my name is Carol, I am a Director and my job is to ensure that your property is maintained to the highest standand. I will also ensure that you have meal options suitable to your dietary needs."

Sean Griffiths, Service Provisions Manager.

"Hello, I'm Sean, I am the Service Provisions Manager and my job is to assign you a Support Worker in order for you to recieve the support that you need and want."

Adisa Halvadzic, Facilities Manager.

"Hello, my name is Adisa and I'm the Facilities Manager, my role is to ensure that you get the maximum benefits that you are entitled to."

We are always here to help!