SAIL: Supporting Adult Independent Living Ltd.

SAIL Ltd. is a not-for-profit organisation providing intensive support and accommodation to vulnerable adults, with complex needs in Walsall, West Midlands.

Our primary objective is to offer individuals the opportunity of living in a safe and secure home environment.

SAIL Ltd has been supporting adults for over 20 years. We enable individuals to achieve and maintain the highest possible level of independent living skills, while maintaining their tenancy.

We work with local partners to achieve Government and local Government objectives of preventing and reducing homelessness.

Front of the wharf property.

Homelessness is not simply a matter of not having a house or a flat to live in. A home is much more than just a space to live in: a real home provides peace; belonging; a sense of identity and community; safety and security; a sense of emotional wellbeing. Homelessness can be caused by many different individual or combined factors such as alcohol misuse; lack of social support; substance abuse; upbringing, including family breakdown and disputes; and an institutional background/abuse, such as being in prison, or the armed services.

SAIL Ltd give all residents a clean start, regardless of what has happened to them in the past. We acknowledge that everyone deserves a second chance and sometimes, even a third or fourth. As long as residents are ready to work with us and follow house rules, then we are ready to take them on.

We enable our residents to develop stable lifestyles and have a track record of achieving successful outcomes for individuals who have previously failed, or chosen not to engage with statutory or voluntary services.

Side of the wharf property.

Our residents are encouraged to access other appropriate services, to improve their quality of life and we promote access to health services and employment and training opportunities.

SAIL Ltd promote social inclusion and strive to avoid crisis and A & E hospital admissions.

We help all of our residents to live safely and securely, while steadily improving each individuals health & well being. We ensure that residents are in receipt of the maximum benefits that they are eligible for, which will initially pay for their charges, but will set them up for living independently, once they are ready to move on.

front of the wharf property.

Initially, all meals are provided and all domestic duties are carried out by our in-house housekeeping and maintenance staff. Once residents are ready and able, SAIL staff proactively work with individuals, to teach them basic domestic skills and allocate domestic tasks to them, so that they take responsibility, along with their flat mates to keep their own flat clean.

Many residents, after a time with us, become housing ready, at which point we work with them to find them a suitable, affordable accommodation and support them to move into independent living. Residents often call our office, or pop back in to see us, once they have left, just to get further advice or support, or just to keep in contact.

Our sister company provides longer term support to adult men with mental health issues and complex needs in the Walsall area. Please visit their website for more information Supporting Homeless.